MCN Motorcycle show 2018: Highlights

16-18 Feb 2018

My report from the first event of the year.

Last Saturday I was at the Excel Centre in London, visiting the MCN Motorcycle show.

For regular readers, you will remember I visited the Motorcycle Live show in Birmingham back in November.

(Read here in case you missed it)

I was expecting the same kind of thing and for the most part, it was. Which is no bad thing. The centre was bursting with a variety of people all with, at least a passing interest in two wheels. It’s so great to see this sort of event bringing so many people together. Men, women and children of all ages, coming together to appreciate motorcycles.

This show may not have been as big as Motorcycle live but all the big names were there with their latest models on display. Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Kawasaki to name just a few. I particularly enjoyed visiting Herald Motorcycles again.


This is me on their Classic model. I look grumpy because I couldn’t take this one home.

The whole event had more of a motor-sport vibe to it. The main arena, the Michelin Thunderdome! A small track featuring famous riders from the world of motor-sports, entertaining the crowds throughout the day.


Unfortunately, that sort of thing just isn’t really my bag. Obviously I prefer the older stuff, so I was very pleased to discover the “Classic Zone”. Classic bike magazine (of which I am a regular reader) was there, with their barn finds of the year. I particularly liked this Triumph with the birds nest in the headlight!


It was also great to see the National Motorcycle Museum there too. They brought along this 1906 Imperial which was one of the first bikes to use a disc brake. The sad thing is, Imperial shut up shop in 1910. Who knows what other inventive thing they would’ve come up with.

Anyway, since the event I have discovered that I actually missed a few things that would’ve been get to see. Another demo of the new TT game out next month (review coming soon) and the Coy’s motorcycle auction, but that’s probably for the best! So at least I’ve learnt a lesson, which is plan your events.

So there you have it folks, just a few highlights from a nice event. As always thanks for reading.

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