Oxford Bike Week 10th – 18th of June 2017

This week is National Bike Week, a week of rides and events all over the country, celebrating everything thats great about getting out on two wheels. (The non-motorised kind!)

In my home city of Oxford, cycling is obviously very popular amongst the town and gown alike. There are lots of cycling events scheduled this week and hopefully I will get to attend a couple. All of the events can be found at www.bikeweek.org.uk/events

One of the ideas behind Oxford Bike week is to encourage more people to get out there and do some cycling.

I think cycling is not only good for the environment and your general health, but it can also be good for the soul. There are some amazing buildings and landmarks that I get to see and enjoy that I would otherwise miss if I were driving.

Like thousands of other people, my journey to work sends me through the heart of the city. It can be tough sometimes, especially with our current infrastructure but cycling through this beautiful city does have a few perks.

So here are my top five soul stirring sites of my daily commute. (I’m no expert on these places and I’d like to thank Wikipedia for the information).

NUMBER 5: Osney Bridge

When I first started cycling into Oxford I used to dread it. For a novice rider it can be a little tough to get over, but after a while I got used to it. But it really is the point in my journey when I know that I’m in the city.


NUMBER 4: The Oxford Playhouse.

The playhouse was built in 1938. A wonderful looking building that has seen some of the greatest actors and actresses of all time. Sir Ian McKellen, Judi Dench and perhaps most notably Richard Burton and Elisabeth Taylor, who now have a studio within the playhouse named after them.


NUMBER 3: The Randolph

Possibly the best hotel in the city. Certainly the best looking!


NUMBER 2: Ashmolean Museum

Exactly opposite the Randolph, is the Ashmolean Museum. The ancient Egyptian stuff is a particular highlight but don’t take my word for it, if you’ve got time, park up your bike and have a look. It’s free entry.


NUMBER 1: The Eagle and Child

Not just a great place to get a pint after a long cycle, but an amazing part of Oxfords history. A group of poets and writers known as the Inkings used to meet here. Amongst them were such literary greats as C.S Lewis and J.R.R. Tolken.


So thats about it. And this is just the quickest route to work for me. I know there are many, many more site to see around the city.

So why not give it a go yourself, who knows what you might find.

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