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Welcome to the new and improved Two Wheeled Ronin!

This website is features everything regarding  two wheeled contraptions as long as they are cool, classic or vintage. We are talking bicycles and motorbikes here. Sorry, no scooters or those stupid hoverboard things. (I’m not sorry).

Motorbikes and bicycles are not communities that usually go hand in hand these days, but once upon a time a motorbike was just a bicycle with an engine attached! I’m sure there are people who would disagree with that statement, but that’s also what this blog going to be about. I consider myself a student of these machines, on a journey of discovery.

That’s where the “Ronin” part of the title comes from. A Ronin is a samurai without a teacher and that’s what I am. Okay I’m not actually a samurai, obviously, but I like the idea. I don’t have a teacher when it comes to this stuff, bar a few books, online articles and youtube videos. I’m self-taught and learn by doing, surely the best way to learn anything.


I’ve been a bicycle rider for many years and enjoy all types of cycling. Mostly leisure riding and mountain biking. I’m an everyday commuter in Oxford, which bring with it, its own two wheel challenges.

I do my own bicycle repairs and am now quite adept a changing brakes and fixing punctures. Building my skills from these repairs has also lead me to my first foray into restoration. My current project is restoring an old Raleigh hustler from the 60’s. More on that in future posts.

As for the motorbike side of things I have to confess I’m a bit of a novice but I’ve had a great appreciation for these machine and a particular interest in British classics, vintage rides and motorcycle history. You don’t need to be a painter to enjoy good art.


So basically that’s what this website is all about and I hope you will enjoy reading about my adventures on two wheels.



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